Create New Contact

Creating a contact is a very easy and fast process that can be done at any time. You can add a contact by using the '+New Contact' button or by importing contacts from CSV. If you will create a manual contact, you simply open the contact module then in the upper right corner, you can click the '+New Contact' button. Then, you will see a blank form to add new contact. Enter the information required fields such as first name and email.

Component Explanation:


First Name

First name of the Customer.

Last Name

Last name of the Customer.


Email address of the Customer (must be email-formatted e.g

Phone Number

Phone Number of the Customer (You can fill in the phone number with max. 13 digits).


The company that the contact is linked to. Enter the company name, select the company from a suggestion.

In situations where you want to import contacts to a third-party system (for example, 3Dolphins Sales SRM system) from a Sitecore or where you have purchased a list of new contact from a marketing company, you can import these contacts from a CSV file directly into a list of contacts in 3Dolphins Sales SRM by clicking 'Import Contact From CSV' button.

In the import contacts window, you can view and download a sample file CSV by clicking the 'Sample File' button or clicking 'Upload File' to upload a CSV file. You can import only one file at a time. If you want to upload a different file, you must click 'Delete' to delete the file that is ready for upload.

If you tick 'Merge Duplicate Contact', it means new contacts with identical Email or phone number on existing contact will be merged as one contact. Click the 'Import' button when the file is ready for upload.

Once you create a contact or import a contact, you can associate a contact record with other modules, such as companies and deals. It allows you to track relationships between contacts and companies or deals and allows synchronization of relevant activities between related modules.

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