Create Task

To create a new task, click the ‘new task’ button in the upper right corner. They have responsible persons, participants, and observers. Tasks can be created for individual employees, several employees, or entire departments. For example, enter the task name and detail of task.

Mark Task as High Priority

A High priority is to make a responsible person understand that this task is important and needs to be completed as soon as possible. By default, every task created has a low priority. However, if you want to mark the task as a high priority, just activate this option.

Set Due Date and Reminder Date

Due date allows you to add the estimated time required for each task. When creating a task, click due date and set specify the date and time estimated of the task.

If you have too many tasks, it becomes hard to remember all of them. In 3Dolphins anywhere, you can set reminder date and be sure that you won’t forget about tasks. When creating a task, click reminder date and set specify the date and time of the reminder.

You can add tasks based on ticket customers by inputting keywords based on 'customer name' or 'ticket number'.

Add Responsible Person

You can add a person who will work on a task and will be responsible for its implementation such as start the task, edit the task and finish the task.

Add Participant

You can add users that can help the responsible person to finish the task if it’s needed. They can perform the same actions as the responsible person.

Add Observer

You can add users that can observe the work on the task, leave comments, get notifications, but can’t participate in the work on this task, such as start task, edit the task and finish the task (observers can only view the task).

Add Checklist

A Task checklist is a type of ‘to-do list’, which helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. To create a checklist, click the toggle dropdown 'Checklist’ when adding a new task. You can create unlimited checklists.

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