Download Channel Group SLA

Each report on the analytic page can be generated and downloaded to a (.xls, .pdf, .csv, and .txt) file and saved to your local drive for offline viewings such as analysis, sharing, or backup purposes. To download the report, go to Analytic and select the Live Agent menu, and click Channel Group SLA. In the upper right corner of the page, click the 'Download' button. Then, in the dialog box of the download channel group SLA, click 'Generate Report'.

Component Explanation:


Channel Name

Your channel name.


Total of ticket


Total 'incoming messages' of customers responded by agents. Incoming message is conditions when a customer sends a chat message at one time.


Total tickets assigned to the Agent.


The total ticket being handled by agent (ticket in ‘Open‘ and ‘Pending‘ status)


The total ticket ‘drop by customer’. (when the agent closes the ticket, the agent selects closing type ticket of ‘Drop by customer‘)

Within SLA

Total ticket based on specified SLA duration.

On Going SLA

Total tickets that are being handled by the agent and haven't been closed.

Over SLA

Total ticket based on ticket over that specified SLA duration. Note: Only available in the channel group 'Email' table.

Response Rate

Percentage 'response agent' divided by 'incoming message'. Response Agent is a condition where the Agent responds to each customer chat while the incoming message is conditions when a customer sends a chat message at one time.

SLA (%)

SLA percentage for this ticket.

Note: The displayed SLA depends on the configuration of the SLA settings in 'rule management' and SLA type on this report. To know more about this setting, you can refer to this page.

Dropped (%)

Percentage of total ticket ‘Drop by customer’.

Average response time

The average total duration of tickets assigned to the Agent until the Agent first replies to the ticket.

Average resolution time

The average total duration ticket is assigned to the agent until the ticket is closed. But, when the ticket is transferred or escalated to a supervisor or other group, the agent can't get the total ticket, but the agent will get 'Response time.'

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