Bot Option Configuration

Bot options configuration allows the users to configure multi-tenant bots. By using the multi-tenant bot feature, each bot has the bot option configuration and the users can configure each bot as needed. When the user does not configure the bot in the bot option, the bot will read the configuration in the system settings.

Component Explanation:

Field Name


Example Images

Option List Button Image

When the image in the digital library is empty or even damaged, the system will read and replace it using the link contained in the button image list option.

Option List Button Action

You can configure the label on the button. Example button action: Tanya

Option List Button Message

You can configure message suggestions from bots. For example: When there are several answers to a customer's question, the bot will give a suggestion message and answer that comes close to the customer's question.

Example type button message: Mungkin ini bisa membantu 🤔

Bot To Agent

Some customers may require human attention. In these cases, you can program the bot to automatically transfer these cases to your customer support team that will use their agents to resolve the problem. For example: When customers transfer to a live agent, the bot will automatically send a message 'bot to agent' to indicate that they are now interacting with a live agent.

Agent To Bot

Each agent solves the issue and closed ticket from the customer, the system will automatically transfer the message to your bot and send a notification message to indicate that they are now interacting with a virtual assistant (Bot).

Inactive Bot

You can configure a message from the bot in case the customer service (agents) is currently inactive. For example: When the customer tries to contact customer service, but no agent is available, the system will automatically send an inactive bot message.

Button Alternative Text and Link

To display suggestion button when bot answer question.


Enter 'Ketik' on button alternative text. Also, enter 'sample link' on button alternative link.

Note: This only applies to channel which not support the carousel feature.

Ex: WhatsApp

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