Wallboard Agent

Wallboard Agent is a real-time data display that assists Supervisors in monitoring activities (handling, available, break, not available, etc) and agent productivity. This page can provide 'SLA Ticket' graphic and also the table for productive and non-productive agents.

SLA Graph

Displays total daily ticket within SLA and total closed ticket as a graph. The blue line on the graph shows the total closed ticket for the day, and the black line on the graph shows the total within SLA for the day.

Description of SLA graph:

Productive and Non Productive Agent

To help Supervisors monitor agent activity and productivity. With this feature, the supervisor can find out which agents are available, handling tickets, or not available on the Omni-Channel.

Description of productive and nonproductive agents in the table:

Configuration Table

From this feature, we can change the current display configuration to display columns in the 'productive agent' or 'nonproductive agent' tables. At the top right of the table, click the 'Configuration' icon, and tick the column that will be displayed.

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