Video Conference Call

One of the best features in the 3Dolphins live chat is video conference call. Video conferencing calls are very easy to use because enable you to carry out business procedures without the trouble of having to meet face to face.

For example, when the customer will register or even activate, customer service needs to meet the customer directly to be able to confirm customer data, but the condition is difficult for face to face data confirmation, maybe because the location of the customer and the Agent is very far and take a lot of time if you have to meet in person. In this feature, you can still connect with customers every time and everywhere without the need to meet face to face.

On the conversation chat, to sent video conference call invitation to customer, click the Attachment button and select Conference. Then, a video conference call invitation will be sent to the customer, as shown below.

Customer can receive a call from the Agent by clicking the Acceptbutton. If you’re looking at the conference call dashboard, you’re already at the home stretch.

Component Explanation:




Speaker Stats

To view the participants those joining the call.

Start/Stop Camera

To start or stop camera in the video conference call.

Leave Call

Once you’re done talking with customer, you can end the call by clicking the red phone icon at the bottom of the video conference call screen.

Audio Conferencing

To enable or hold audio in video conference call.

Toggle Tile

To display layout of video conference call with types is tile.


At the option menu, you can manage ‘profile‘, ‘setting (Device)‘, ‘manage video quality‘, ‘view full screen‘, ‘speaker audio‘, and ‘view shortcut‘.


Icon to fast capturing of video conference call.

But, when the customer makes a video conference call with the agent for the second time, the customer must be entering access code (video call password) given by the agent, as shown below.

Agents can see the access code (video call password) on the upper right side of the agent dashboard, like the picture below.

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