Add New Group KPI

After adding the group KPI module, you may want to plan your group KPIs all at once. Click the 'Add KPI' button then, a pop-up will appear to add a new group KPI as shown below.

Component Explanation:



Select a year to apply this KPI.

Month Period

Select a month to apply this KPI. Note: You can't add the previous month from the month when you will add this KPI.

Select Group

Select a group to apply this KPI. (this field will automatically fill in according to the group KPI itself. For example, You choose 'Product' group KPI then if you want to add a new KPI, the group will automatically set as ‘Product‘.)

Select Channel

Select channel to apply this KPI.

Ticket Target

The number of target tickets to reach this KPI.

Time Target

How long (in minutes) to achieve the previously set ticket target for this KPI.

After completing all fields, you can click the 'Add' button. Then, you will see a success notification, and your new group KPI will appear on the list group KPI page as shown below.

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