Team Collaboration Chat

The new feature of team collaboration chat allows you to discuss with another user (Agent, Supervisor, Trainer, Quality Assurance, etc) in the channel’s, private group, or Direct Message (DM).

Add Team

Then, you will see a successful notification after adding your user to the team collaboration chat.

Send Message

At the top side, click the 'Team Collaboration Chat' icon. Then you will see a pop-up form of team collaboration chat as shown below.

For example, select a user to start a new personal message, and compose your message in the box at the bottom of the chat.

Send More Message

Once the chat has begun (whether group or one-on-one), just click it in the chat list to dip back into it and send more messages.

Edit or Delete Message

Mark a Message Unread

Say More with Reaction

Then, the emoji will appear in the message, such images below.

Send File

  1. Document : [.doc], [.pdf]

  2. Video : [.mp4], [.m4v]

  3. Audio : [.mp3], [.oog], [.wav]

  4. Images : [.jpg], [.png]

For example, send a file with the ‘Document‘ type. Then, you will see a preview before sending your file such images below

If the upload is successful, the file will appear on your message chat.

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