Max Assignment

Max assignment allows you to determine how many tickets can be received or handled by the agent on each channel. You can modify the maximum assignment to each agent in each channel rule in the available team's section or use this feature. This max assignment feature will make it easier to change the max assignment agent simultaneously. Go to the Rule Management page then click the 'Max Assignment' button to manage max assignment of your agent.

For example, Agent 'Zulfa Fahimah' is found on the Whatsapp and Live Chat channel rules. When you set assignment '10' and then select agent 'Zulfa Fahimah' then, all max assignment agent 'Zulfa Fahimah' on all channels will automatically change to '10'.

Component Explanation:



Define max assignment for your agent.


To display agents for which the channel rule is selected.


To search agent's name.

Agent Name

Tick the agent's name to which you will apply the max assignment changes.

After finished, click the 'save' button. Then, your agent's max assignment will change according to the assigned assignment value as shown below.

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