Deal Lost

See instantly the count or value of your company's lost deals based on the users. So, you can improve the sales strategies to increase sales of your product. In addition, you can see your data by 'Value' or 'Count' based on the filter selected. Hovering the cursor to each user will display the number of deals lost or lost value.

To view the report, go to the Analytic menu and click the Sales menus, then click Deal Lost which you can find in the sales performance section.

The Bar Chart above explains:

  1. The Y-axis represents users with a sales role.

  2. The X-axis represents the number of deals or the total value depending on which metric is selected (count/value).

  3. Deals lost represents the number of lost deal

  4. Value of lost deal represents the total value of lost deal.

In addition to bar charts, this report also contains detailed table information of all deals lost that occurs on that pipeline. The following is an explanation of the table information:



Your sales agent name.

Deals Won

The number of deals lost at that stage.

Value of Won Deals

The total value of deals lost at that stage

Average Won Deal Value

The average total value of deals lost at that stage.

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