Download Group KPI Report

Each report on the analytic page can be generated and downloaded to a (.xls, .pdf, .csv, and .txt) file and saved to your local drive for offline viewings such as analysis, sharing, or backup purposes. To download the report, go to Analytic and select the Employee menu, and click Group KPI. After the operator target page appears, click the 'Download Group KPI Analytic' Button.

Penjelasan Komponen:


From - To

Indicates the period target report.


Group's name.

Ticket Target Score

The group's average percentage of ticket targets was accomplished.

Time Target Score

The group's average percentage of time targets have been accomplished.


The group's average percentage of accomplishing the ticket and time targets.

You can also download files from detailed group KPI by selecting the group and clicking the 'Detail' button on the detail column. Then, go to the bottom of the page and click 'Download Group KPI Analytic'.

Component Explanation:



Indicates the period target.


Indicates target's channel.

Ticket Target Detail

Indicates total tickets achieved from targeted tickets.

Ticket Target Score

Percentage total achieved ticket by the group.

Time Target Detail

Indicates total time achieved from targeted tickets.

Time Target Score

Percentage of the total time target achieved by the group.


The average percentage of total target time and ticket from that group.

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