Add Tags to Chat Tickets

After you understand how to add a classifier, then the next question is, how to add tagging to the ticket? In the 3Dolphins system, there are two steps to add tagging in chat tickets, i.e manual tagging, and automatic tagging.

For example, you might want to mark a ticket that has a message about a status order in the application with tags such as ‘Live Chat – Check Status‘.

So let’s see the difference between manual tagging is compared to automatic tagging.

Manual Tagging

Manual tagging is a tag that you can add manually to the ticket by expanding the ticket and clicking 'Tags', then choose one of the tags and click the 'Edit Tags' button to save, so the tag will appear on the ticket.

For example, mark a ticket with tags such as ‘Live Chat – Check Status‘ as shown images below.

Automatic Tagging

Automatic tagging is the tags that are given automatically to the ticket when the ticket is created.

In order to receive tags automatically on tickets, in the Customer Service > Paragraph Classifier menu, activate the Automatic Classifier by switching the toggle button to 'On'.

In addition, you also should do the train process on the classifier. Train classifier makes it possible to minimize errors when tagging ticket. In the upper right corner, click the 'Train' button and wait for the train process to finish.

After you enable automatic classifier and train the module, When you receive the ticket, you will see the ticket tags based on the content message received. For example, if customers send messages based on the content that is available on the classifier module (ex: "Status order saya gimana"), the ticket will automatically have a label 'Live Chat - Check Status' according to the label on the classifier module, such as images below.

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