After you set up the channel account and recipient on the Account & Recipient form, the next step is that you have to manage the message content of the notification that you will send in this Message form.

On the left side of the page is a form where you can manage messages, and on the right side is a preview showing what the message you will send will look like.

Component Explanation:



The title of the Notification that you will sent.

Notification Template

List of notification templates that have been created on the Templates page. Choose a template according to the broadcast message that you want.

Additional field

At the bottom of the Notification Template there is an Additional Field which can be changed according to the selected template, if the selected template does not have an additional field then this field will not appear.

Trigger dialog on broadcast

To add dialog flow to your broadcast. For example if you need to activate bot dialog upon broadcast.


Button for back to Account & Recipients setting.


Button for continuing to Send or Schedule setting.

Broadcast Message Using Variable

For example, if you want to send a verification code to your customer, you can choose the template 'loyalty_verify_whatsapp_number'. Then, in the template 'loyalty_verify_whatsapp_number' there is an additional field to fill in the variable, then you can fill in the variable as needed. For example on variable {{1}}, you can title OTP, and on variable {{2}} for your number OTP. So, it will show like the image below.

After you send this message, it will appear on the customer side as shown below.

Broadcast Message Using Bot Dialog

For example, if you want to make more interactions with your customers, you can use bot dialog to answer your customers by choosing the dialog flow on the trigger dialog field. So, when your customer replies to your broadcast, your bot can give answer that is related to the customer's chat content, this chat content is known as 'trigger'.

Choose your dialog flow by clicking on the trigger dialog field and search the dialog that you want to add. The dialog flow list that appears on this field is taken from the Dialog Flow menu. So, if you want to customize your dialog flow, you can refer to this document.

For example on image above, maybe you want to give information to your customer about trip package promotion, you can add dialog flow about tourist attraction on the trigger dialog field. So that bot can answer your customer's questions related to tourist attractions as shown below.

Broadcast Message Using Image

For example, if you want to send your customers a greeting message with an image, you can use the template 'bold_preview'. Then, there's a header section field to upload your image. Images with ratio higher than 1.91:1 will be cropped vertically by WhatsApp.

You will send a notification with an image with a 1:1 ratio, as in the example above. The image that will appear on the customer's side once you send the message is as follows.

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