Bypass Ticket Distribution for High Profile Customer

We add filter and action bypass distribution for high-profile customers, where you can filter by follower count and provide action in the form of a claim ticket. This automation filter only applies to Twitter tickets.

For example, as influencers, actresses, or actors they usually have a large following. Well!, they can be said to be VIP customers. To provide your best service to VIP customers, you can give them special access using the bypass ticket distribution to be handled by your best customer service without the need to make your VIP customers queue too long. So, you can provide fast response and fast action to your VIP customers.

In the example above, when the system receives a new ticket with more than 10 followers, the ticket will be automatically distributed to Operators or Supervisors even though there are ignore proactive rules.

Ticket will be automatically distribute to agents if there are agents available. But, if the agent is not available, the ticket will be entered on unassigned tab of supervisor.

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