Component of Workflow

You can add components by clicking the '+' button. Process flow in the 3Dolphins system consists of ten (10) components of workflow, i.e :


Webhooks are nodes that serve as gateways to your process flow. From the webhook, you can specify a variable value which will be returned in response to your process flow.

Execute command is a node that is used to execute commands in the terminal (command line). At this node you can add basic linux commands as if you were in a terminal.

HTTP Request is a node that has function to run the API Service. At the node you just need to add a URL, select a method, and other parameters such as the header, request body and so on from the UI.

MVEL Function, is a node that has function to run mvel code based code. The language used here is mvel language. Don't worry too, because this node also supports other languages like java.

Memory process is a node that has function to add parameters to cached memory.

Execute workflows are nodes that has function to carry out other process flows in your process flow.

Timer Interval is a node that has function to give a certain time interval to move to the next node. So in this node you can set the delay in a certain time span before running to the next node.

Send Message is a node that has function to send messages from 3Dolphins to the channel platform according to the parameters you set.

Send Email is a node that has function to send email messages using an active email channel to the destination email that you set.

Show Growl is a node that has function to display pop up messages in a custom way to the user for whom we registered the user id. The type of pop up that will be raised will be different according to the growl type, namely there is info, warning, fatal & error.

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