Edit Contact

Sometimes, you might need to edit the customer's contact. Maybe it’s because the contact information is typed incorrectly or you can add other information like phone number, e-mail, etc.

To edit contact, you can select and click the Customer Contact. If you have many contacts, 3Dolphins can limit pages. You can navigate the contact list by scrolling to the bottom of the list contact page and clicking through the page numbers, or you can search contact in the search column. Then, you will see form 360 customer view, edit and update contact as needed.

For example, change customer contact VIP from 'No' to 'Yes'. and click the 'save' button. Then, if edit contact is successfully updated, you will see a notification of success, as shown images below.

If you want to add a new phone number or email but there're customers that have the same email or phone number, you will see a suggestion merge contact after clicking the '+' button like below.

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