Tag, Severity, Priority and Process Flow

For example when you will display ticket automation in the form of tags and ticket severity level, then you must configure the trigger, filter, and action as follows:

In the example case above, when the ticket with the channel is ‘Dolphin Livechat‘ and has been assigned to Operator from any group, the ticket will have a tag ‘Live Chat - Check Status’ with severity level is ‘High’ and turn as a priority ticket, as shown images below.

And then, when the rule is successfully triggered i.e displaying tagging ‘Live Chat - check Status‘ with ticket severity level ‘High‘ and set as priority ticket, the system will automatically send a message to customer using process flow, such as images below.

The message sent to the customer is the output from the ‘workflow send message’ that is executed when the action or trigger on the automatic ticket is successfully executed. If you want to see the process flow, you can go to Bot Setting > Process Flow > and choose Workflow Send Message from the list.

You can set the message to be sent to the customer in the http body on node_id ‘requestSendMessage’, like the picture below

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