Download Deal Overdue

Each report on the analytic page can be generated and downloaded to a (.xls, .pdf, .csv, and .txt) file and saved to your local drive for offline viewings such as analysis, sharing, or backup purposes. To download the report, go to the Analytic menu and click the Sales menus, then click 'Deal Overdue' which you can find in the deal performance section. After the operator target page appears, click the 'Download' button on the upper right side of the page.

Component Explanation:



A step in your sales process.

Number of Overdue Deals

The total number of overdue deals on that stage.

Value of Overdue Deals

The total value of overdue deals on that stage

Average Value

The average total value of deals on that stage.

Deal Number

Unique number of each deals.

Deal Name

Your deal name.

Move To This Stage On

Indicates when the deal moved to each stage.

On This Stage For

Indicates how long the deal has been in that stage.


Value of that deals.


Name of the individual that the deal relates to.


Name of the company that deal is associated with.

Deal Owner

The sales agent made the deal.

Overdue Status

Indicates whether the deals period has overdue.

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