Reply Signature

This feature is to configure agent's reply signature on the chat ticket.

For example, you can create a reply signature according to your needs in the reply signature field. As in Ticket Configuration above, we make an example of a separator for reply signature i.e stripe (-), so that when a customer’s message is replied by an agent, the message will have a reply signature and nick name of agent that replies to the message.

If you enable reply signature, you will see the contents message from the agent : [message] [reply_signature] [nick_name].

Consider the example image above, you will see content message from the User that consists of :

  • [message] : Hi {customer_name}, saat ini kamu tersambung dengan Customer Service, dengan saya agen {agent_name} yang akan membantumu.

  • [reply signature] : ” – “

  • [nick name] : Zulfa Fahimah

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