Edit and Delete Existing Audience

Edit an Existing Audience

Sometimes, you might need to change the information about your audience. Maybe it's because the audience name is typed incorrectly or wants to change other information such as phone number, email, etc.

To edit audience information, you can go to the Marketing page and click the Audience menu. Then, select the audience you want to edit. You will see a pop-up form to edit the audience, and click the 'Edit' button.

For example, edit the email field and click the 'save' button. Then, if the audience information has been successfully changed, you will see a success notification, as in the following image. However, click the 'cancel' button if you wish to cancel edit information.

Delete an Existing Audience

Sometimes you need to delete the audience from a system when it’s no longer needed.

On the Audience page, there is an All Audience tab. Select the audience you want to delete. Then, a pop-up form will appear from the edit audience. At the bottom of the form, select the 'Delete' button.

You will be prompted to confirm the delete audience request, click ‘Yes‘ to proceed delete audience or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the edit audience form.

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