Conversation Audit

The function of conversation audit makes it easier for supervisors to monitor tickets from the incoming ticket until the ticket is closed. To view the report, go to the Analytic menu and click the Live Agent menus, then click Conversation Audit which you can find on the left sidebar.

Component Explanation:


Ticket Number

Unique number of each ticket.

Action Date

Record the time of the last activity on this ticket.


Indicates the channel where the ticket was made.


Your customer name.


Indicates agent's name that is responsible handling this ticket.


Used to view detailed conversation audit reports of each ticket.

In addition, the supervisor can also see the detailed conversation between the agent and the customer by clicking the 'Detail' action button. This page displays all the activity that occurred on this ticket.

Component Explanation:


Action Date

Indicates the time this activity occurred on the ticket.


Indicates activities performed on the ticket.


Status of event.

Performed By

Indicates the user that doing this activity.


Description of the activities performed.

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