Merge Request Workflow

Ensure any changes made to the workflow are important by the supervisor. This will help to prevent any potential problems that may arise after changes are approved.

Go to Bot Settings and select the Process Flow menu. Then, click the 'List of Workflow' button and open the Merge Request tab. In this tab, you will see all requests that need to be reviewed, then click 'View Workflow' to start reviewing change requests. You will see a pop-up page of the review merge request.

On this page, all workflow updates will be visible. Supervisors can review multiple changes simultaneously and choose which changes to approve first. In the following, we will explain the components of the pop-up review merge request.

Component Explanation:


Workflow Name

Your workflow name.


Indicates the user is responsible for this change request.


Display added description when the editor submitted this change request.


Indicates the priority of workflow changes that the editor submitted.

Node Workflow

Menampilkan perubahan yang terjadi pada isi workflow tersebut.

  • Added -> Terdapat penambahan node workflow baru.

  • Edit -> Terdapat perubahan pada isi dari node workflow.

  • Delete -> Terdapat penghapusan pada node workflow.


Button to approve workflow changes. Note:

If multiple merge requests are from different editors, the supervisor can only approve one change at a time.


Button to reject workflow changes.

If the supervisor approves the request, it will automatically apply using the approved changes, as shown below.

Supervisors can undo approved changes by quickly rolling back to a previous version using the 'Rollback' button, as shown below.

The 'Rollback' button will only be accessible for changes that each supervisor has approved.

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