Live Agent SLA

Live Agent SLA is a feature that makes it easy for supervisors to view reports for each Agent when handling tickets on certain channels. There is a graph showing the report of each channel managed by the Agent in the report. To view the report, go to the Analytic menu, click the Live Agent menu, and click Live Agent SLA which you can find on the left sidebar.

Component Explanation:



Total ticket handled by that Agent on the channel.


Total tickets are within the specified SLA duration on the channel.


Total tickets that replied by that Agent on the channel.


Total ticket transferred from the Agent on that channel.


Total ticket closed by the Agent on that channel.

When you hover over the chart, you will see a chart with the format (x-axis, y-axis). The x-axis is the chart numbering from left to right. In contrast, the y-axis is the number of tickets for each channel.

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