On Boarding Email Form

When users send messages outside of service hours, the user may send their conversations via email. This section can be used to manage all settings related to sending emails on live chat.

Component Explanation:


Enable Email Form

This will be used when the live chat is outside service hours. If set as ON, the live chat display will be changed to sending email form. Conversely, if set to OFF, live chat will display an off hour message contained in the service hours section.

Channel Id Email

To set the recipient email sent by the user.

Subject Email

To set the email subject sent by the user.

On Boarding Email Message

Text that will appear when user login to live chat outside the specified service hours.

Comment Placeholder

This field is used to enter the user's body email that will be sent.

Connect Email Button Text

Text displayed on the submit button.

Send Email Success Message

This property is used to send notifications that the email already sent.

Comment Input Error Message

Text that appears when property in the comment placeholder is empty or invalid.

Process Send Email Messsage

Text will be displayed while sending email still in progress.

Process Send Email Error Message

Text that will be displayed when failed sending email.

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