Change Additional Information About the App

In the left corner of your dashboard, hover over the settings section, select 'Basic' from the drop-down menu.

Find and change additional information about the app. Below is information that you might see on these settings.

After you have successfully completed creating an app, a unique identification number will be added to your app (App ID).

Facebook app will automatically generate a secret code connected with your App. Its purpose is to authenticate requests from the application to Facebook servers. This code is also used as a password.

Enter the privacy policy URL into the 'Privacy Police URL' field. Privacy policy URL defines your company's policies, containing decisions on collecting, using and disclosing certain personal information.

Add 'App icon' as a promotional image (You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG files. The size of the image must be between 512 x 512 pixels to 1024 x 1024 pixels. File size limit of 5MB).

Choose the appropriate App category in the 'Category' field.

Click the 'Save Change' button, if you have done do changes information about your app info.

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