Create New Line Official Account

This section describes how to create admin official line business account by doing the following steps :

Enter the URL address in the web browser Then, select 'Log in with LINE account'.

If you do not have a LINE account, click the 'create an account' button to create your LINE account.

You will see the line login page. Enter your Line account's 'Email Address' and 'Password' and click the 'Login' button. Or, you can log in by using scan QR code.

After success login into Admin official line, click the link of 'Create LINE Official Account' (Note: if you already have official line account, please continue to the next step).

Then, you will see the page that lets you create an official line account. There are at least three steps before getting your official business account. The first step is to fill in information about your business.

The next step is to verify the submitted information. If it is correct, click 'Selesai'.

You will then receive confirmation that your business account has been created successfully.

After you're done, go to your line account official manager. On this page, you can access reports and settings for your LINE official account.

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