Add Appraisal Report

The criteria template will appear if matches between the channels in the criteria template and the selected channel ticket. For example, if the criteria template is created for the live chat channel, the template criteria will only appear on live chat tickets and not appear on telegram tickets, e-mail, etc.

Component Explanation:


Ticket Number

A unique number that’s assigned to each ticket.

Closure Type

There are several closure type tickets by the Agent:

  • Case Resolved: It means the case has been resolved by the agent.

  • Case Without Resolution: It means the case is forced to be closed by the Agent without resolution due to certain circumstances.

  • Case Drop by Customer: It means the case closed by the customer (when in the middle of a conversation the customer closes the ticket).

  • Case Escalated: It means the case is escalated to the supervisor and has been resolved.

In addition, the ticket can also be closed automatically by the system with closure type case close by automation.

Feedback Sent

Indicates if the agent has sent a feedback survey to the customer.

Feedback Sent Date

Indicates when the Agent sends the customer's feedback survey.

Total Score

Total percentage of score minus additional score reduction


Criteria will be used to evaluate the Agent’s performance. (Required)


Point of criteria. (Automatic)


Score for each criteria. (Required) There are three kinds of ways to fill these scores:

  • 'Yes': When you choose 'Yes,' the score for that criteria will be equivalent to the pre-determined score.

  • 'No': If you choose 'No', then the criteria do not get the score that has been determined.

  • 'N/A': If you don't want to use these criteria in the calculation, you can use the 'N/A' directly. (Sometimes each channel's rating criteria are different.) This value will be counted as 'True'.

Remark Criteria

To add a remark or description of each criteria if it's not in the remark category. (Optional) But it will be required if the score is 'No'.

Remark Category

To add remark category from each criteria (Optional). But it will be required if the score is 'No'. You can refer to this page to learn more about the remark category.

Additional Score Reduction

If additional score reduction is entered, the total score will automatically decrease (Optional)

Remark Appraisal

To add a remark or description for overall appraisal (Optional).

After selecting template criteria, you can enter a score from each criteria. You may fill in the score based on the types of methods described above. For example, in criteria A with a score of 10 you fill in 'Yes', then the score will be calculated into the total score. Keep in mind, if one of the criteria is set as a critical point and one of the criteria value is 'No', then the entire critical point will be false and not included in the total score of the appraisal report.

If you're done, you can click ‘save’ button. And then, you will be prompted to confirm submit appraisal request, click ‘Yes’ to proceed or you can click ‘No’ to return to the performance rating page.

For example, click ‘Yes’ button. Then, tickets that have been appraised by Quality Assurance (QA) will be moved to the Ratings tab, as shown in the image below.

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