Create Bot With Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure

The first step to creating a Skype channel is using the Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure to make a new bot. To set up a developer account by following these steps:

First, sign in to the Microsoft Bot Framework using an account with administrator permission.

Check terms of service Microsoft azure and click the 'Save' button.

On the bot framework page, fill out the bot profile with:

  1. Display Name: A friendly name for your bot (Fill in the display name for the Bot with 35 character limit).

  2. Bot Handle: Used in the URL for your bot (Fill in the bot handle with alphanumeric and underscore only). Cannot be changed once registered. For Example 'AA7788988800CC88' and the URL will become ' AA7788988800CC88'

  3. Bot Description: Displayed on your card in the bot directory, if you choose to list it there.

On the configuration section, select App Type 'Multi Tenant' and click the 'Create Microsoft App ID and password' button.

Then, on the App registration page, click the 'New Registration' button on the left side of the page.

Enter your application’s registration information:

  1. Name: Enter a meaningful application name that will be displayed to the users.

  2. Select Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft Accounts option from the supported account types section.

Then, click the 'Register' button to create the application.

After a few moments, the newly created app registration should open a blade.

Back to the bot framework. In the configuration section and paste your App id.

Scroll to the bottom page, check on the 'Term and Condition' and click the 'Register' button.

Create and register bot success.

After you register the bot, it will redirect the page to the channels list. Please add the Skype Channel by clicking the Skype icon.

After clicking the Skype channel, it will open page 'Configure Skype'.

Please click the 'Save' button.

The Skype channel should be added to the list.

Back to Microsoft Azure, click 'Certificates & Secrets' in the left navigation column of your app registration’s blade. In that blade, click the '+ New client secret' button.

In the pop-up, enter an optional description for the client secret and select the expired period from the Expires drop-down list button. Then, click the 'Add' button.

Maka, client secret sudah berhasil ditambahkan.

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