Appraisal Report

The appraisal report is a feature that allows supervisors to easily see the agent's appraisal from Quality Assurance (QA). In order to display the appraisal report data, make sure that the QA team has provided an appraisal of the agent’s performance on the Quality Assurance > Performance Rating page. To see step by step add an appraisal, you may refer to the ‘Performance Appraisal‘ section.

To view the report after the appraisal is submitted, go to the Analytic menu and click the Live Agent menu, then click the Appraisal Report that you can find on the left sidebar. You can see chart appraisal reports of each channel available on the 3Dolphins application and tables with agent names, groups, and other metrics such images below.

Component Explanation:



Agent name


Group name where the user is assigned to the group.

Number of sample

Total tickets handled by the user and have been given an appraised by QA..

Total score average

The total average score obtained by the users. for calculating the Total Score Average (TSA), i.e TSA = total score from all ticket : number of sample. from the picture above there are 6 samples, and from these samples, agent Zulfa Fahimah has 4 samples with a total score of 292, then the calculation is: Agent Zulfa Fahimah TSA = total score / number of sample. TSA = (92+60+60+80) / 4 TSA = 73


Used to view detailed appraisal reports of each agent.

You can also view the detailed appraisal report of each agent by clicking on the 'View Details' icon in the action area. On this page, you can see the chart appraisal report of each channel that is available on the application and see a detailed table of the agent's appraisal report.

Component Explanation:


Ticket Number

Unique number for each ticket.


Indicates channel where the ticket was created.

Appraised By

Your ticket's QA agent's name.

Appraised Date

Indicates when your ticket was appraised by QA.

Total Score

QA's total score for that ticket.


Indicates the QA rating results for each ticket that has been appraised.

To see the details of the appraised that have been given by QA on each ticket handled by the user, you can click the 'View Details' icon in the action area.

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