Create New Company

Creating a company is a very easy and fast process. You simply open the company module then, in the upper right corner click the '+New Company' button and fill in the required fields, such as company name and user access.

Component Explanation:


Company Name

Company name of your customers or potential customers.


The place where a companies can be found or communicated with.


Location on the World Wide Web which contains at least one webpage with data files that Internet users that may be accessed via a browser and help you attract visitors online.

Phone Number

Phone number of your customers or potential customers (You can fill in the phone number with max. 14 digits).


Fax code or number for send or receive facsimile communications (You can fill in the fax with max. 14 digits).

User Access

To determine who can access company information. By default, you can select user access ‘Everyone’, ‘Owner’, ‘Owner Group’ and ‘Select Group’.

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