Notification Checker

Checker has the role of reviewing and approving the notification requested by the maker. The role of checker can only be done by the Marketing Manager, and here you can view the details of the requested notification, and approve or reject the notification.

After Maker creates a new notification request, you will get a new notification, and the request will appear on the Notification Request tab on the notification page.

Click the 'View' button to see the details of the request, then you can see the notification form as follows.

Approve Notification

After viewing the details of the notification request and you agree to process the notification, you can approve it by clicking the 'Approve' button and clicking 'Yes' on the confirmation pop-up.

Then the notification will move to the Notification List tab and will be processed by the system, see image below.

Reject Notification

However, if you decline to approve the notification, it could be due to an error in the notification's content or another problem. You can reject it by clicking the 'Reject' button. Then you are asked to write the feedback and click the 'Reject' button to continue.

The notification will be successfully rejected and will no longer be displayed on the Marketing Manager's Notification Request tab.

Meanwhile, on the Marketing side, a notification will appear that the notification request has been rejected by the Marketing Manager, and the notification will have the status of "Rejected" as follows.

When a notification request has passed the specified deadline and has not been approved by the Marketing Manager, it will also be withdrawn from the Marketing Manager's Notification Request tab.

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