Create New Instagram Business Account

Create New Instagram Account

The first step in converting your personal Instagram account into a business account is to create an Instagram personal account. Go to the page to start from the website or directly from your Instagram mobile application. Enter your email or mobile number and click 'Next'.

Then, enter the confirmation code sent by Instagram to the mobile number or email address you used to register and click 'Next' to continue.

Enter your date of birth. Then, click 'Next'.

Then you will go to the Instagram welcoming page and click the 'Complete Sign-Up' button to complete all your registration steps.

Instagram will prompt you to add friends or a profile picture. To skip this step, click 'Skip'. Your personal Instagram account is created.

Switch Personal Account to Business Account

You can immediately convert your personal Instagram account into your business account when you've successfully created any. Keep in mind that you can only connect one Instagram account to your company's Facebook page. To change the account, Go to the 'Settings' menu, then click the 'Switch to Professional Account' button at the bottom of the page.

Select the right category to describe your business Instagram account then click 'Done'.

Instagram will confirm your business account type according to the category you have previously selected. Click 'Next'.

After that, review the contact person for your business Instagram account. Click 'Next' to proceed to the next step.

You must have a Facebook page before proceeding to the next stage. Please refer to this page to create page on Facebook.

Then you will be asked to connect your Instagram with your Facebook page. Click the 'Log in to Facebook' button to enter your Facebook page.

Then log in to the company's Facebook account and click 'Continue as...' to go to the next page.

And Instagram will ask you to connect your account with your Facebook Account Center. Click 'Continue'.

Then Instagram will confirm adding your account to the account center and click the 'Add (username)' button to proceed.

Connect your business Instagram account with your company's Facebook page. Click 'Next'.

Then, Instagram will ask you to complete the professional account setup for your business account. Complete the required steps, and your account will successfully change into an Instagram business account.

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