5.2 EN

Custom Submenu Configuration

Sometimes company needs to customize menu according to the needs of each company. This feature allows you to create your own sub-menu or even delete it when no longer needed.
Custom Submenu Configuration
You can add a sub-menu by clicking the '+New Submenu' button and filling the required field as shown in the image below.
Add New Submenu
Component Explanation:
Field Name
Parent Menu
Select the menu where the submenu will be added.
Submenu Icon
Select the icon that will be used for this submenu.
Submenu Name
Enter the submenu's name that will be added.
Insert an iframe to embed new menu into your 3Dolphins page.
After clicking 'save' then, a new sub-menu will be displayed on the sidebar like the image below.
Submenu Successfully Added
Don't forget to activate the new Custom Submenu via the User Privilege menu.