Convert Lead to Deal or Archive Lead

On the detail lead page, you can update the status of leads. Either to convert lead to deal or archive the lead. This is the important action for your lead report.

To mark a lead as a deal or archive them, go to the lead page by clicking the 'Lead' option located in the left-side navigation menu. Select the lead that contains the lead you wish to mark as either convert to deal or archive.

To mark the lead as a deal, on the lead info, you can click the 'Convert to Deal' button. After that, a pop-up window to convert leads will appear. Basically, the form component is similar when you create a deal. For detailed information please refer to the document 'Create New Deal-Deal'.

To mark the lead as an archive. n the lead info, you can click the 'Archive' button. Then, you will be prompted to archive the lead. Click 'Yes' to proceed archive lead or you can click 'No' to return to the detail lead.

Then, you will see a notification success and your lead will move into the Archive tab.

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