Filter Form Records

This feature allows you to filter your form records based on the tasks, endorsed, or rejected tab. Using these filters allows you to quickly see which form records meet the criteria you set. To begin, go to Form Management and click the 'Filter' button in the top right corner of the selected tab. Then, you will see a pop-up to filter forms, set criteria, and click the 'Apply Filter' button.

Component Explanation:

Name Description

Start Date

To display form records starting from the selected date.

End Date

To display form records up to the selected date.

Channel Type

To display form records based on the selected channel type. (optional)

In the example image below, we will display all approved forms on the endorsed tab by clicking the 'filter' button. Then, the pop-up filter will appear, set range date (start date and end date) and select the 'Dolphin Live Chat' on channel type criteria and click 'apply filter'.

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