Bot Engagement

To view the statistics, go to your analytic and click the bot engagement that you can find on the left sidebar. Here you can check the total active users, new user, the pie chart from your bots channel were popular the most, customer word of cloud and bot word of cloud. First, go to the Analytic menu and click the Virtual Agent menu, then click Bot Engagement menu which you can find on the left sidebar.

Then, select Bot to display the bot engagement data such as below.

Component Explanation:

Active Users

The line graph indicates how many active users (old users) have previously accessed the bot at a certain date.

New Users

The chart indicates how many new users (users who have never accessed the bot) at a certain date.

Ticket Agent Handover vs Ticket Bot

The chart graph represents total tickets handover by the bot to the Agent compared to the total tickets still being served by the bot.

Ticket Bot Handover to Agent

A table with a detailed list of tickets handover to agents by bots.

Bot Channel Popularity

The line graph indicates which line colour represents each channel of users used.

Customer Word of Cloud

The words that are frequently asked by customers.

Bot Word of Cloud

The words that are often used by bots to answer customer questions.

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