Create Telegram Bot

This section describes how to make a bot on Telegram. First, you must go to the BotFather (If you open by desktop, make sure you have the Telegram app) by doing the following steps:

Enter the URL address in the web browser, or you can use telegram desktop. Then, log in to your telegram account either with phone number or QR code. Click 'Next'.

After login telegram account, conduct a search for @Botfather and add it to your conversations, or you can directly open the URL to start conversations with BotFather.

BotFather will then introduce itself and display the START button at the bottom for the user.

Once you click on the START button, BotFather will provide you with all the commands that can be used to create a new bot.

Now, click on the link /newbot from your conversation with BotFather. With this command, BotFather will ask you to choose a name for your bot.

For example, choose the name 'PolongBot'. BotFather will internally validate whether the name is available. (the name of your Bot is displayed in contact details and elsewhere). BotFather asks for a username for the newly created bot if it is available. .

For example, choose the username 'PolongBot' (the Username is a short name to be used in mentions and '' link. The username consists of 5-32 characters and does not distinguish upper/lowercase letters but only includes Latin characters, numbers, and underscores. Your bot’s username must end in 'bot', Ex: "Testingbot", "Testbot", etc.)

At this point, BotFather has created your bot and provided a token for it. This token can be used while wiring up your bot with Telegram bot APIs. Keep it secure and store it safely because anyone can use your token to control your bot.

Check the bot that has been made to find out if it has been successful or not by means of private chat with the bot. Check in the browser by typing the URL The bot is declared successful if the results are checked on the browser, as shown below.

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