Notification Maker

Maker is responsible for creating a new notification request. Basically, the steps required to make a new request are the same as the steps in the notification documentation, you can read the document here.

After you submit the notification that you have created, the notification will enter the Notification Request tab with a "Waiting" status and the notification will not be processed until it gets approval from the Marketing Manager.

Once the Marketing Manager has approved the submitted notification request, the system will move the public post to the Notification List tab with the status "Scheduled".

However, if the Marketing Manager rejects your public post request, your public post status changes from "Waiting" to "Rejected".

In addition, if your Marketing Manager has not accepted the submitted notification request by the deadline, the status of your notification will change from "Waiting" to "Expired" on the Notification Request page.

You can also view and make changes to the rejected and expired notification by clicking the notification, then the notification detail will appear with the 'Edit' and 'Delete' action buttons as shown below.

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