Automation Component


Lead Automation will only work on leads that were modified after the trigger was created. Each trigger has specific rules, and when those rules are met one or more actions are performed.


These fields will allow you to trigger based on the sales that handled the leads, like trigger by 'Sales', ‘Sales Manager', or 'Sales and Sales Manager'.

These fields will allow you to trigger based on the leads from the group.

These fields will allow you to trigger based on the lead, like archived, unarchived, and converted.


The filter section has two areas to allow you to tightly define what leads meet the trigger criteria. In the top section you define conditions that ALL have to be met (a logical Is), and in the bottom section, you list conditions where any of the items can't be met (logical Is not). Any number of filters can be added.



You can display action of lead automation based on label, source, or value.

All of condition block 1 Is from condition block 2.

All of condition block 1 Is not from condition block 2.


Once the trigger conditions have been defined, you can configure actions to be performed when the conditions have been met. Any number of actions can be added. Here is the list of available actions :



Associate the selected label with the leads.

This will set the owner of the leads (like which user that will be handled this leads)

This will set the status of the leads (like Archived or Active)

Associate the selected process flow keyword with the leads.

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