Add New Pipeline

You can create an unlimited number of pipelines. To add a new pipeline, click 'Dashboard' or 'Deal' to navigate to the Deals page. Click the pipeline dropdown and click the 'Create New Pipeline' button.

The 'Add New Pipeline' modal will open. You will need to provide the following information:

Component Explanation:


Pipeline Name

Type the name of the pipeline into the field provided.

Stage Name

Type the name of the stage into the field provided.

Rotten Deals

Allow you to take a look at the deals which have been idle for some time. You can enable deal rotting by tick the Rotten Deals field.

Rotting in days

To set for how many days a deal can stay ideal. This number of days is specific only to a stage in a pipeline. For example, if you set deals in a stage that will rot in 7 days, 7 days after the last action on deals, the rotten tag will appear for your deal.

Stages represent the steps included in your pipeline or sales process, they are presented in columns as deals progress through stages, they move from left to right. You can add other stages, and there is no limit to the number of stages that you can have in your pipeline.

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