Create New Rule

This section describes how to run the Line channel and how the customer message can be received as an incoming ticket to the Inbox tab Agent by doing the following steps:

To create a new rule channel, go to the Customer Service menu and click the Rule Management menu. Then you will see the Rule Management page, on the top right section click the '+New Rule' button, as shown below.

Component Explanation:


Rule Name

Your channel name rule to create.

Max Assignment

The amount tickets are assigned to the channel rule.

When Line channel rule has been added successfully, you will see the rule in the list of rule management as shown image below.

Add team members to the rule by clicking the 'Add' icon after the rule channel is successfully created to receive an incoming message from Line account.

When team members are successfully added, it will appear on available teams. You can configure priority and max assignment tickets handled by an agent.

Remember to select the 'Rule Out Of Sync' button to activate your latest Line channel rule updates.

Component Explanation:



To decide who will get chats first in a channel.

Max Assignment

The amount tickets are assigned or handled by the users.

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