Live Agent Performance

For detailed explanation of SLA starting with the calculations and settings on the Analytics page, you can refer to the SLA Guideline page.

Live agent performance is a feature that makes it easy for supervisors to see data regarding agents’ overall performance in terms of chat time and wait time within a specific period. This report helps you understand how your agents have performed as a whole and is available in graphs and tables. You can also set display this report in time or agent format.

To access live agent performance report, go to the Analytic menu and click the Live Agent menu, then click Live Agent Performance which you can find on the left sidebar.

The total tickets in the time perspective table and the agent’s perspective will not be the same, because the number of tickets in the perspective time is calculated from all tickets, both tickets that are still in the queue or tickets that have been handled by the agent. Meanwhile, for the perspective agent, the total ticket is only calculated from the tickets handled by the agent.

Component Explanation:


Time Series

Date of ticket assigned.

Agent Name

Agent's name.

Average Wait Time

The average wait time is when the ticket customer enters the ticket queue process (unassigned) until the ticket is replied by the agent.

Max. Wait Time

Maximum waiting time when the customer's ticket enters the ticket queue process (unassigned) until the agent responds.

Avg. First Response Time

Average agent first response time when a customer ticket enters the unassigned tab until the ticket is first replied by the agent.

Avg. Response Time

Average response time when customers send chats to the agent.

Avg. Customer Response Time

Average total duration of customers responding to chats from agents.

Avg. Chat Time

Average of total duration when agent handling the ticket until the ticket is closed, transferred, or escalated.


Total of tickets.

Avg. Handling Time

The average total ticket duration is assigned to agent until the ticket is closed.

Average Resolution Time

The average total duration ticket is created until the ticket is closed. But, when the ticket is transferred or escalated to the supervisor or other groups, then the agent can’t get the total ticket, but the agent will get ‘Handling Time’.

SLA (%)

SLA percentage for this ticket. Note: The displayed SLA depends on the configuration of the SLA settings in 'rule management' and SLA type on this report. To know more about this setting, you can refer to this page.

Agent Message

Total bubble message sent by the agent.

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