Bot Profile Settings

On the bot profile settings page, you can set appreciative text, leaving text, and also fallback integration for your bot. You may also set to disable context knowledge for your bot. Go to the Bot Settings menu and click the Bot Manager menus, then you will see a bot manager page such images below. Select bot and click the bot icon.

In the appreciative text field, you may customize the sentence that the bot says when your customer completes the survey. For example, you type the message 'Thanks!' in the field and the bot will then respond with 'thanks' after your customer has completed the survey, as images below.

Meanwhile, the leaving text field is used to customize the sentence that the bot will say when the bot hits the timeout limit. For example, if you type on the field with 'Goodbye!' then, when your customer has reached the timeout, the bot will send a 'Goodbye!' message as shown in the image below.

The fallback integration is used to integrate process flow when the bot experiences a fallback. For example, select a process flow from the fallback integration field dropdown to send an automatic message when the bot experiences a fallback, as images below.

You can also set whether the bot will respond to customer messages based on the context in the FAQ knowledge module by using the disable context feature. When your disable context is set to false, The bot will correlate your customer's message with the context of the knowledge. Meanwhile, if this field is set to true, the bot will retrieve all knowledge, regardless of its context.

Currently if the disable context feature is set to 'False', you also need to specify the context in your Contact API apart from requiring context in the faq knowledge module.

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