You will be redirected to finalize your dialog on stage 4 Configuration.

Component Explanation:

Response DialogDescription

Success Response

Will display the response when all the entities are filled and dialog flow is run perfectly. You can also fill out [$output$]. The function of [$output$] is to display the output from the SDK or process flow.

For Example:

Here is a list of the stations near you: [$output$].

Failed Response

Response dialog when the bot can't answer customer requests. When SDK is not working as it should, which is when the SDK is set to the failed response.

For Example:

Sorry, the system is under maintenance, please try again later.

Cancel Response

Response dialog by the bot when the customer sends a cancel request.

For Example:

I will cancel the request first, please type 'find station' if you need it again.

Unknown Response

Response dialog when the customer sends questions that does not match the entity required by the bot.

For Example: Sorry, I don't understand the question.

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