Task Feature

All Task

Shows all your accessible tasks, both the 'Not Started', 'On-Going', 'Done', 'Overdue', and 'High priority' tasks. The task names may have different colors depending on the status:

  1. Not Started (Grey): Are the tasks that have been created but not started.

  2. On Going (Yellow): Are the accepted tasks or the tasks that are now being fulfilled (started).

  3. Done (Green): This status is tasks that are finished.


The overdue task is a task that has an actionable pending on it, for which there was a hard deadline. This actionable could be, waiting for a response or action from your lead or client and many more. An overdue task usually demands the highest attention, and ensure closure as soon as possible on task.

High Priority

A high priority list is where you turn to actually start getting things done. The high priority is to make a responsible person understand that this task is important and needs to be completed as soon as possible.

You can choose which actions to put here - you can edit and switch the toggle on a task to make it your priority.


In the Calendar view, you will see a calendar with task deadlines. And, at the top right of the calendar, you can view a task based on the due date or created date.


You can receive various notifications about the task activities, like when you receive comments on your task or when you added as the observer, responsible, or participant.

Search Task

At the top right corner, you can search a task based on the task name.

Sort Task

On each task tab such as all tasks, overdue, and high priority tabs, you can sort tasks based on the created date, due date, ascending or descending of the task.

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