Create New Page on Facebook

Before setting up a messenger, you must create a page on Facebook by doing the steps as follows:

Go to On the Facebook home page, log in using a Facebook account.

You will see the home page and click on the 'Menu' button. Then, click the 'Page' button to create your new page.

You will be directed to create a new Facebook page.

Enter page information about the page name and select page category. Then, click the 'Create Page' button.

You will see your page if successful. Please customize your Facebook page by clicking the 'Next' button.

Click the 'Done' button to see your dashboard page.

Ensure that the page you create is set to "Public" so that it can be accessed by the general public and integrated as a channel on our application. Click the 'Settings and Privacy' button to change your page settings.

Then, select the 'Settings' menu.

Click the 'Page and Tagging' menu. In the Page section, enable the toggle to blue to make your page viewable by public.

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