Workflow Log

Each time a workflow runs, a log entry is created. Log entries record the date and time the workflow was run, the data is operated on, status (success or failure of the workflow), description of status, component workflow, thread id, and execute time. In this trainer screen, the trainer can :

  1. View all workflow runs.

  2. View why a workflow failed if an error occurred.

  3. Filter log based on range date.

  4. Search log based on workflow name.

In this section, you can filter log based on date range. For example, choose the range date from '27/06/2022' until '04/07/2022'.

In addition, you can search log based on workflow name by typing your workflow name in the search column, then you will see a suggestion of workflow name, select and click suggestion of workflow name, and log will appear based on the workflow name selected.

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