User tab on the 3Dolphins SRM is a collection of users that have been added manually or via file upload to get access to the 3Dolphins apps. Administrator can specify the privileges and groups of each user. In this section, you will learn about users and how you add users to your 3Dolphins apps and edit or delete users from 3Dolphins apps.

A user is anyone who logs in to 3Dolphins apps. Users are employees at your company, such as Supervisors, Customer Support, Trainer, and Quality Assurance who need access to the 3Dolphins apps. The user account identifies the user, and the user account settings determine what features the user can access.

To view and manage the users in 3Dolphins apps, select Administration menu > User Management > User tab. The user list shows all the users that can access to 3Dolphins apps. From the list, you can add new users, edit a user’s details, delete users.

How to Create New User

Before people on your team can sign in and use the 3Dolphins SRM, they need a user account. You may choose to add users one at a time or several at a time by using an upload file. In this section, we will learn how to add user accounts by adding them one at a time. When adding a new user, the administrator can determine the privileges and groups of each user.

In the upper right corner, click the '+Create New User' button. Then, you will see a blank form to add a new user. Enter the information required like identity number, email, first name, nickname, etc. Click the 'next' button to move and proceed to the next tab.

Component Explanation:

Field NameDescription

Identity Number

Required. User’s identity number.


Required. Enter the user’s email address. This is the address that 3Dolphins uses to log in on 3Dolphins apps, send email notifications based on triggers and password resets.

First Name

Required. This is the first name that the 3Dolphins application will display to represent the User.

Last Name

This is the last name that the 3Dolphins application will display to represent the User.

Nick Name

Required. This is the nickname of the user used in the user’s profile.

Picture Link

Sets link of user’s profile picture.


Sets the user’s language.


Assign the user’s to groups.

Room Chat

Room chat for the conference call.

Room Name

Room name for the conference call.

Max. Queue

The concurrent max assignment sets a cap on the number of chats your agent will receive at once.

Tag is Mandatory

Tick this checkbox to allow tags ticket is mandatory. It’s means if users will close the ticket, users will be requested to add tagging ticket.

Case is mandatory

Tick this checkbox to allow case ticket is mandatory. It’s means if users will close the ticket, users will be requested to add customer case to the ticket.


Sets the user’s role dashboard.


Decide on the agent’s role (Administrators / Supervisors / Operator / Trainer/ Quality Assurance).

Allow to See All Group Report

This field is used to set reports on analytics that can be accessed by the user.

Allow to Merge Contact

Tick this checkbox to allow merge contact. User who does not have the privilege to merge contact will not be able to merge contact and will not receive merge contact suggestion from the app.

Allow to search all ticket

Tick this checkbox to allow search of all tickets. It means Users can search all tickets, even though the ticket is in a different group.

After you have finished entering all information of the user, click the 'save' button or you can exit and cancel the process of adding a new user by clicking the 'closed' button on the pop-up form.

For example, click the 'save' button. Then, if a new user is successfully created, you will see a successful notification. If you want to be sure, you can do a user search.

Now you’ve learned how to add users to 3Dolphins apps, to keep your data safe by configuring what your users can access, you can grand and revoke access modules in the Administration menu > User Privilege. For more detailed information, please refer to the User Privilege document.

How to Edit Existing User

To change user details such as a user's profile, role, or contact information, you can edit the user account. Select the users from the list and click on the 'Edit' icon.

For example, on the form of edit user, edit the contact information and click the 'save' button. If the user data update is successful, you will see a success notification pop-up. However, if you want to cancel editing the user account, you can exit the process at any time by clicking the close window, so that any changes made will not be saved.

How to Remove User

Sometimes, you might need to delete a user account. Maybe because the user moved to another division or company.

Select the user and click the 'Delete' button. Then, you will be prompted to confirm the remove request, click ‘Yes‘ to remove the user or you can click ‘No‘ to return to the list user’s page.

How to Search User

This feature allows you to search for user accounts, maybe when you want to edit user contact information, delete users, or even ensure that the user is still or has been registered.

Enter a name in the search field and press the enter button, then you will see a name suggestion, as shown below.

Select the name of the suggestion and you will see the user account you are referring to as shown below.

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