Send Email Message

Component Explanation:


In this field, you can choose an email address that matches the email address which is registered on omnichannel.


This field will be used as the recipient of the email


In this field, you can copied to one or more recipients



Fill in with a custom message that will be sent to the recipient. you can insert images or links in the body message.


Uploaded files as attachments to the email message. Attachments will maintain their original file name and are limited to a total aggregated size of 2 MegaByte (MB) for every email ticket.

Email Template

If you want to reuse existing content, select an email template to answer the message of the customer. You can select an email template when the customer message is the same. Or, the customer message is the global case and having a default answer


Email message will send to customers and tickets will display on the Inbox tab.

Reply and Close

The email message will send to your customer and the ticket will be automatically closed.

For example, you choose to click 'Reply and Close', so the message will send to your customer and at the same time the ticket will close automatically, as shown images below.

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