Execute Command

Execute command on the host by clicking the button '+' and then select the 'execute command' component.

Component explanation :


Command Name

The node id, in the workflow component.


Naming the file collection or address on the disk where the file is stored.


Command translator program typed, in the prompt.

For example: in this case, we will execute the 'testing.sh' file in the '/opt' directory, with a note that bash is an active shell.

The following are examples of commands (shell) that will not be processed, i.e :

  1. ls

  2. :(){:|:&};:

  3. rm

  4. /dev/

  5. wget

  6. mkfs

  7. >

  8. ^foo^bar

  9. dd

  10. char

  11. chmod

  12. cp

  13. mv

  14. scp

  15. passwd

These commands are in command.block

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